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Ethel AnimA

Ethel is a famous performer and teacher of tribal fusion dance. She specializes in dark/gothic Tribal Fusion.


Ethel is the creator of vivid emotional images and spectacular performances. The main principle in teaching for her is to always remain open to new knowledge and share her experience with students.

Ethel is a famous performer and teacher of tribal fusion dance. Choreographer and costume designer.

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Ethel was born in Minsk, Belarus. Now she lives in Krakow, Poland.

She has been dancing since childhood.

​In search of her dance style, she was engaged in ballroom, pop and folk dances, as well as classical belly dance.

However, in 2009 she discovered tribal dance.


She is the leader and mastermind  of the Tribal Studio “AnimA” , which has existed since 2011 in Belarus, and from 2022 in Poland.

Ethel is organizer of the International Tribal Festival.

She is a participant of international dance projects and collaborations.

Never stops at what has been achieved. Since the beginning of her journey into the world of tribal, she has attended a large number of master classes from amazing dancers.

Each performance created by Ethel carries an idea or a story that is emphasized by vivid images, thought out to the smallest detail.

“The most important thing in dance is the idea. If you know what you're dancing about, then everyone else will see it too.”

"Gargoyle" - Ethel. Dark Tribal Fusion @ Fairytale Concert
"Gargoyle" - Ethel. Dark Tribal Fusion @ Fairytale Concert
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Ethel. Dark Tribal Fusion. American Horror Story
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"Lilith" - Ethel  @ Tribal Festival in Belarus 2017
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