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Teachers 2024

Sara Lyn Vimana

Performance Project


3 workshops:


  • VAMP



Sara Lyn Vimana

Las Vegas, USA

Sara is a Fusion belly dance performer and teacher based in Las Vegas.

She, known for her gooey transitions and strong technique and musicality. She is passionate about teaching and strives to give an optimal learning experience with goal setting, strong focus on technique, history, musicality, and camaraderie.

Ethel AnimA

1 workshop

  • Dark fairytale 


Ethel AnimA

Krakow, Poland

Ethel AnimA is a famous performer and international teacher of tribal fusion dance. She is organizer of the Tribal Festival in Krakow, Poland.


She specializes in Dark Tribal Fusion style.

Ethel brings a dark vibe and vision through her classes and performances. She tells you dark fairytales with plenty of drama and vivid magical characters.

Valenteena Ianni

2 workshop


  • KARMA ECHOES - A Combo Party! 


Valenteena Ianni

Rome, Italy

Fusion bellydancer and international teacher from Rome, Italy, Valenteena is well known for
her stimulating and precise way of teaching and her emotional performances.

Creator of Karma
Echoes, a combo-based Fusion Bellydance Vocabulary and Killer Path.

Maria Fomina

Performance Project


2 workshops:

  • From A to B

  • Dramatic Slow


Maria Fomina

Kyiv ,Ukraine / Warsaw ,Poland

Maria is the FCBD®Style Certified instructor, internationally well known dancer and coach from Kyiv (Ukraine), nowadays based in Warsaw (Poland), but continuing to share her great 18 years teaching experience and art.

Maria collaborated with lots of great artists, was awarded for the development of the style, and produced many dancing projects as well as the biggest international festival in Ukraine.

Rachael Redfern

2 workshops:

  • Layers of Layers

  • Vintage Fusion


Rachael Redfern

London, UK

Rachael is an internationally acclaimed fusion bellydancer based in London, UK.

For the past five years she has worked professionally as a teacher, performer, show
producer and troupe director and has taught in multiple countries.

She is well-known for
her distinctive dance stylisation infused with glamorous dark vintage aesthetics as well as
for her inventive choreographic work, strong musicality and smooth, precise technique.

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