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Teachers 2023

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Moria Chappell

Seattle, USA

Moria Chappell is a world-renowned performance artist and dance instructor who specializes in Fusion & Experimental Belly Dance, Temple Dance, and Indian Odissi Classical Dance.


She has performed, taught, and researched ancient dance in more than 50 countries over her 20-year dance career.

Moria will teach on Tribal Festival 3 workshops and Performance Project 


Ethel AnimA

Krakow, Poland

Ethel is a famous performer and teacher of tribal fusion dance. She specializes in dark/gothic Tribal Fusion.


Ethel is the creator of vivid emotional images and spectacular performances. The main principle in teaching for her is to always remain open to new knowledge and share her experience with students.

Ethel will teach on Tribal Festival 2 workshops and Performance Project 


Agata Zakrzewska

Warsaw, Poland

Agata is dancer, choreographer and teacher of FCBD® Style, fusion bellydance and Egyptian style belly dance. 


She is passionate about dance history, culture and folkloric dances and keeps exploring those subjects. She also studies various other styles of dance and movement, and her main focus is safe and inclusive dance training. 

Agata will teach on Tribal Festival 2 workshops 

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Kira Lebedeva

Lviv, Ukraine

A tribal fusion performer and a teacher in tribal fusion, yoga and fitness.

Kira holds workshops and intensive training sessions in tribal-fusion belly dance, yoga, fitness, and cardio classes all over Ukraine, Belarus and in Europe.

Kira will teach on Tribal Festival 1 workshop in support of Ukraine

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