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Workshops and Performance Projects

The teachers of Tribal Festival 2024 are Sara Lyn Vimana (Las Vegas, USA), Ethel Anima (Krakow, Poland), Valenteena Ianni (Rome, Italy), Maria Fomina (Kyiv, Ukraine), and Rachael Redfern (London, UK).


We invite you to take part in workshops and learn from these amazing teachers. Every one of them is an internationally acclaimed teacher and performer, and a real master of tribal belly dance. This is an opportunity to not only learn from the icons of tribal belly dance, but also see them up close, ask questions, and gain insights that go beyond the workshop sessions.

🌙 3 Tribal Fusion workshops and Performance Project


Exploring contrasting movements through combos, concepts, and technique. Super

gooey, melty, juicy..with a BANG!

Open level, 1.5 hours



Heavily focusing on control, smooth transitions, isolations: Take a ride on the dark side

with these slow combos and drills set to a moody, dark wave playlist

Open level, 1.5 hours 



“Play is the highest form of research”- Albert Einstein

Boost your creativity, level up your layering skills, and make new combos in ease with

games and exercises that will get you thinking outside of the box while having fun in the

process! Please bring a notebook and pen for this class.

Open level, 1.5 hours

Performance project with Sara Lyn Vimana - SOLD OUT!

You will learn choreography from Sara Lyn and will perform at the "Tarot" Gala Show.
Intermediate and advanced Tribal Fusion Dancers!

Limited number of participants!

🌙 1 Tribal Fusion workshop

🌙"Dark fairytale" - SOLD OUT!

Succubus, gargoyle or mermaid ... Which one of the creatures do you prefer?

We will be completely immersed in the fantasy world of our imagination. Do you feel that you have your personal “beautiful beast”? You need not fear it, just be open to new experiences and give it power. We will work up the characters and I will share with you my knowledge of creating powerful and colorable characters. 

We will learn 4 different combos and analyze them to understand how you could create your own. 

Open level, 1.5 hours 

🌙 2 American Tribal Style/FCBD workshops

🌙 "From A to B"

Get on the exciting pathway from A to B in FCBD®Style, unveil what happens

between the movements and learn how to make smooth and clear transitions in fast

and slow. The class includes “Dancing in Flow” concept as well as the building the

“Perfect fit” combos. Lots of dancing, drilling and detailing!

Open level, 1.5 hours   

🌙"Dramatic Slow"

Let the music move you! Play with unexpected turns and drops, incredible floor work,

beautiful diagonal line and zils in the chorus!

Open level, 1.5 hours   

✨Performance project with Maria Fomina

You will create the performance under the direction of Maria and will perform at the "Tarot" Gala Show. 
Intermediate and advanced Tribal Fusion Dancers!
Limited number of participants!

🌙 2 Tribal Fusion workshops

🌙“Layers of Layers”

Let's boggle our brains! challenging layers, more unusual shapes and different positions

will be covered to really take your presentation to the next level as we explore a variety of

layering possibilities! Expect to learn multiple tips and tricks and new movement

pathways and combinations as we work throughout the whole body, from head to hips,

arms to feet. Both brain and body will get plenty to chew on here!

Intermediate to Advanced dancers, 1.5 hours   

🌙Vintage Fusion” SOLD OUT!

Learn to channel the poise and deathly allure of the vamp vixens of yesteryear for a dark

and dramatic expression of fusion bellydance that will ensnare your audience. Taking

inspiration from the likes of original vamp Theda Bara, silent screen sirens of the 1920s,

and the glamour of the Egyptian Golden Era, this workshop will fuse these aesthetic

elements with classic fusion bellydance technique for a captivating mix that makes up

Rachael's signature style. We will look at presentation and projection as well as beautiful

postcard poses and clean lines combined with strong fusion bellydance technique.

Open level, 1.5 hours

🌙 2 Tribal Fusion workshops


Let's consider different movements, parts of the body, directions, levels, tricky arms

combos. Now, with all these ingredients, we are ready to start a stormy drilling progression!

You will be enjoying the whole process, while Valenteena will unveil tricks and will give you

advices in order to let apparently illogical combinations be more acceptable for your brain..

until you will reach the calm again!

Intermediate to Advanced dancers, 1.5 hours   

🌙KARMA ECHOES - A Combo Party!

Valenteena will present new Fusion Bellydance combinations specifically created for Tribal Festival

that will be added to her Karma Echoes collection. These new combinations (or Echoes) can be used

as a tool in choreography, improvisation (solo or group) or in any way you desire! Valenteena’s

Echoes form a vocabulary of combinations each of which has its name, counts and specific

technique. The goal of Karma Echoes is to provide new inspiration in your dance. Practicing and

using these combinations over the time will bring cleaning, fluidity and a better sense of musicality

in Fusion Bellydance. Ready to party?

Open level, 1.5 hours

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