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Workshops and Performance Projects

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🔥 3 Tribal Fusion workshops and Performance Project🔥

🔥"Bones & Sinews”

Learn a new set of Tribal Fusion Bellydance combinations that takes you beneath the surface, behind the veil, to the bedrock and bone of your bodies and selves.

This workshop offers a detailed look into the anatomy of movement and the muscular execution of sinewy technique to form a puppetry and resulting mastery over body control, contortion, and exquisite implementation.

In BONES & SINEWS, Moria will lead you through drills and combinations eliciting a zombie trance over self and audience and audience that will culminate in a new Tribal Fusion Bellydance choreography titled "Curdled."

Open level, 1.5 hours



SLOW & STRONG uses multiple fusion combinations to focus on steady and smooth transition techniques for complete body fluidity.

In this essential workshop, you will learn the power of smooth, slow movements into and through a variety of shapes and poses.

Dancing slowly has its own principles and ideology, which emphasizes extended muscle contraction and flexibility to create big, sensuous combinations poured through the limbs with an intensity of flow.

As we focus on the muscles between the muscles, and using a variety of shapes and poses inspired by Indian temple dance, we will begin to incorporate jaw-dropping backbends and elegant level changes.

The SLOW & STRONG workshop will culminate in an aesthetically sumptuous tribal-fusion choreography.

Open level, 1.5 hours 



ADVANCED LAYERING & SHIMMY TECHNIQUES is a workshop designed for the more experienced dancer who is looking to expand her movement vocabulary and push her ability to the max.

Topics include musicality in layering; playing different rhythms and tempos within different sections of the body to create orchestrated movement; layering shimmies with precision on virtually every part of the body; and footwork and patterns as part of the layering extravaganza!

ADVANCED LAYERING & SHIMMY TECHNIQUES puts together the various drills and traveling patterns previously learned in order to build control and stamina in layering.

Advanced drills will show you how to maintain deliciously crisp isolations while layering 2, 3, or 4 different components of the fundamental moves.

Some of the more advanced elements of this workshop include using turns, traveling, and layering movements to culminate in new, advanced combinations that we will work into a Tribal Fusion choreography.

Open level, 1.5 hours

✨Performance project with Moria Chappell

You will learn choreography from Moria and will perform at the "Universe" Gala Show.
Intermediate and advanced Tribal Fusion Dancers!
Limited number of participants!

🔥 2 Tribal Fusion workshops and Performance Project🔥

🔥 "Spell on you!"

This class is absolutely magic and witchy. You will feel a dark mystic atmosphere from the beginning till the end. We will deep dive into the theme to open our charms.

We will focus on our arms and will make some spells.

And of course we will learn dark tribal fusion choreo.

Open level, 1.5 hours 



This workshop is about the presentation of the dark essence of goddess. 

We will dive into a deep atmosphere of magic and mystic feelings and will learn some combinations and choreography.

We will pay attention to our message, emotions and poses with lines. And will play with time

Open level, 1.5 hours

🌙Performance project with Ethel AnimA

You will learn choreography from Ethel and will perform at the "Universe" Gala Show.
Intermediate and advanced Tribal Fusion Dancers!
Limited number of participants!

🔥 2 American Tribal Style/FCBD workshops 🔥

🔥"FCBD® Style in 3D"

This workshop will focus on muscular work in the most important FCBD® Style movements. We will learn how to feel and engage correct muscle groups to make our steps more beautiful and strong and three-dimensional. Agata will share many important nuances of the steps and will show you exercises and techniques that will bring your dance to the next level.

Open level, 1.5 hours   

🔥"FCBD® Style - extreme skills"

A class dedicated to bringing your dance to the next level. We will start by polishing our basic technique and exploring some important details. We will drill and practise basic moves in order to build a strong base for more complicated concepts and check ourselves for all the weak points in our dancing. We will challenge ourselves with some intense technique drills and work on our dance posture, arms, shimmies, speed, strength and stamina in our dance.

Open level, 1.5 hours   

🔥 1 Tribal Fusion workshop in support of Ukraine 🔥

🔥“A Stroll in the Carpathian Mountains”

In this workshop we will teleport to such a wonderful  place as Ukrainian Carpathians. This is a place of the striking beauty. This is my place of  force, my inspiration, where I can take a rest and breath in the eternity. 

It was in the Carpathians, where I understood the power of a waterfall, the vigor of a mountain river, the energy of stones, and transfer them to tribal movements, since every movement has its story.

I have prepared for you a choreo, that will be divided into two musical part: traditional one (uniting with the nature) and modern one (society).

With the traditional music we will work over the technique of the waterfall (when one move flows smoothly into another one) and the layering of some basic movements over the shimmy ( the breath of wind in mountains).

But we also live in the 21th century where there are robots, cars, skyscrapers and Internet. The world keeps on changing, so do we. So with the modern electro-folk music we will go through some fine tribal technique, locks and pauses in movements. In this part of the choreo I want to reflect the modern age and the relentlessness of the social world. 

So in this workshop we will work through the entire stock of tribal movements and acting skills. With the help of the tribal vocabulary you will be able to create any stories and tell them to the world.

For this workshop you will need a yoga mat and a towel. It will be hot!

Open level, 1.5 hours   

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