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Agata Zakrzewska

Agata Zakrzewska is dancer, choreographer and teacher of FCBD® Style, fusion bellydance and Egyptian style belly dance (raqs sharki).


She is based in Warsaw, Poland. She started dancing in 2007 and immediately immersed herself in various styles of bellydance - taking multiple classes a week and workshops every weekend. In 2009 she co-founded the first FCBD® Style troupe in Warsaw: The Siren Society and started teaching various styles of bellydance.


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In her pursuit of knowledge Agata has travelled to workshops and intensives all over Europe, as well as Egypt and the US.

Agata is also a dedicated dancer of other bellydance styles – she teaches and performs traditional oriental dance (raqs sharki) and tribal fusion bellydance. She is passionate about dance history, culture and folkloric dances and keeps exploring those subjects.


She also studies various other styles of dance and movement, and her main focus is safe and inclusive dance training – she studies regularly with a trainer/physiotherapist in order to learn about anatomy and training techniques to better help her students.  Since 2016 Agata also runs Hamsa Dance School - one of the biggest Polish oriental and fusion dance schools.

Agata Zakrzewska @ TRIBAL UNIVERSE 2018
Agata Zakrzewska @ TRIBAL UNIVERSE 2018
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American Tribal Style® | FCBD®Style | Philippa Moirai Agata Zakrzewska Katarzyna Lidia
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Devi Mamak, Maria Fomina, Agata Zakrzewska, Katarzyna Lidia - ATS® - Tribal Hafla Festival 2017
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