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Moria Chappell

Moria Chappell is a world-renowned performance artist, dance instructor, ancient dance researcher, artistic director, and costume designer who specializes in Fusion & Experimental Belly Dance, Temple Dance, and Indian Odissi Classical Dance. She has performed, taught, and researched ancient dance in more than 50 countries over her 20-year dance career.

Known for her archetypal approach to performance craft, her style is both feminine and fierce, ancient and modern, sacred and strange.

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A popular and sought after teacher, Moria has developed a unique methodology and approach to belly dance control, the foundation of which is her trademark teaching style: Muscular Belly Dance Technique (MBDT). MBDT synthesizes the  intensity and precision that epitomizes Fusion Belly Dance isolation and individualism.

The diaspora of movement from which she engages and connects ancient dance via modern Muscular Belly Dance Technique creates innovation in movement, increases the palette of movement art, and explores ancient methods of physical language and body articulation to create an exquisite and rich pastiche of original and experimental dance. 

A fusion belly dancer since 2001, Moria became a principle dancer, and subsequently the Artistic Director, for the world famous Bellydance Superstars from 2005-2015.  She is heralded as an innovator in choreography, costume and makeup design, and as a creator and pioneer of fusion-art that focuses on Temple and Sacred Arts dance.

"Lucid dreaming" - Moria Chappell @ Tribal Festival in Belarus 2019
"Lucid dreaming" - Moria Chappell @ Tribal Festival in Belarus 2019
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"Awakening" - Staging project with Moria Chappell @ Tribal Festival in Belarus 2019
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Moria Chappell @ Tribal Festival in Belarus 2014
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